The Bowling Green Massacre Strikes Again!

4 women members of a bowling team posing in matching green jerseys

KENTUCKY – Before the season started, league experts were confident they knew exactly how this year was going to play out but that all changed when the Bowling Green Massacre’s signed up and had their application approved. The team had been talking about joining the league for many years now and lately it’s been getting a lot of media attention.

Spectators are tuning in, but nobody is confident that this team has what it takes to win. Skeptics are asking the Green Massacre’s for their previous bowling scores but currently they’re under review by the World Bowling Federation.

Dorris Sherman, team spokesman for the Green Massacre’s, leaked to the press, “Our first win was so huge and magnificent and it clearly shows why we signed up in the first place.” Teammate, Dolly Dolittle, said, “We will make this league great again!”

Many other teams in the league are starting to be concerned with this possible first blowout win, and it’s unclear to what the rest of the season has to offer.