Bouncer Accepts Man’s Old Blockbuster Card as Reasonable Substitute for ID

bouncer at a club shines his flashlight down on a Blockbuster Video membership card

BANKRUPCTY BULLEVARD – Red Boxerman, a longtime bouncer at the Stream City night club, finally saw something at the door that truly shocked him. He was checking ID’s when a skinny, balding middle-aged man in a turtleneck handed Boxerman what he thought was his ID. Upon being handed the card, Boxerman did a double take before looking up at the balding man incredulously. The card appeared to be not a state driver’s license at all, but a decades old Blockbuster membership card.

“For real, bro?” Boxerman asked, “You still keep this thing?” The middle-aged man look confused at first, but gasped with embarrassment when he realized what he had handed the bouncer by accident. The balding man went to grab his real ID, but Boxerman waved him off. “Aw man, don’t worry about it, you MUST be old enough if you’re still toting around one of them bad boys. That thing is a fossil!”

To the middle age man’s chagrin, Boxerman continued to tease the man as he handed back his card and let him in. “What, are you like Charlie Chaplin’s dad or something? Say, I gotta ask, what was it like watching Jurassic Park with actual dinosaurs?” As the balding man finally made his way to the front door, Boxerman yelled in after him, “Hey dude, just remember: Be kind and rewind!”