Betsy DeVos Launches First Initiative: “Just Fill in ‘C’ if You Don’t Know”

Betsy Devos holding up a document of some sort

WASHINGTON DC – Betsy DeVos, the newly confirmed U.S. Secretary of Education, took her first step in education reform today, and her first step into anything remotely related to education. She proposed strategies students can take to improve test scores, and the first is called “Just Fill in ‘C’ if you Don’t Know.”

“‘C’ is the most common answer in multiple choice tests,” DeVos said. “Shockingly 29% of students do not know this fact and I want to bring nationwide awareness to improve grades.”

Another trick she revealed is for Scantron tests, and it’s called “Cheatstick.”

“You just smear some Chapstick on the Scantron form,” DeVos said. “This confuses the machine so it won’t detect your wrong answers.”

DeVos favors multiple choice tests over all others, and says she will eliminate proficiency tests, achievement tests, essays and any type of writing in America’s schools. “I’m all for choice,” DeVos said, and then added “I mean, multiple choice.”