Anonymous Source Starts Series of Allegations Against Tom Hanks


LOS ANGELES – Hollywood was left shocked today after a former co-worker of beloved actor Tom Hanks came forward with a ground-breaking story, providing exclusive details of Hanks acting inappropriately on set during one of their films. The source, who would like to remain anonymous, said the incident took place in the summer of ’99 and now, after floating aimlessly for years, it was finally time to speak out.

“The movie called for a lot of emotional, intimate scenes. We were working 1 on 1 for practically the entire film and, well, I think it’s pretty clear to everyone he had his hands all over me,” said the anonymous source

When questioned, other crew members on set reported that they had heard Hanks refer to the anonymous actor or actress in question as “lifeless” at times, even going as far as to once call them an “inanimate object.” Fans on Twitter were quick to suggest that these comments clearly refer to Cast Away co-star and supporting actress Helen Hunt – others however remain unsure.

This news comes as a blow to dedicated Hanks’ fans who had long touted him as the last “good guy” left in Hollywood. When reached out to for questioning, Mr. Hanks acknowledged he is aware of the actor in question and believes they are possibly dealing with feelings of abandonment, to which he sobbingly confessed “I’M SORRY.”