America Now Divided Into Two Social Classes: Prime and Non-Prime


SEATTLE 2028 – It all started with the acquisition of Whole Foods: Amazon’s breakthrough into brick and mortar stores. The ecommerce giant acquired the retail grocery chain in order to extend their reach, particularly in urban areas, offering discounts and befits to Prime members. But as the middle class vanished, a new social class model emerged from Amazon’s footprint. Now, 12 years later, Amazon’s strategy for worldwide domination innovative expansion is nearing completion.

The separation between Non-Prime citizens and “The Membership” as it’s now referred, wasn’t that visible at first. Express checkout options for Prime members at Whole Foods, books and resources exclusive to subscribers: perks of convenience more than privilege. But then the signs began to come up. “Prime-Only” flashes on every other corner. ALEXA’s (Automated Liability Extermination Agents) patrol the streets, hunting would-be package thieves. Swarms of drones block out the sun; delivering basic necessities to members only.

Non-Prime Members, or NPMs as The Membership calls them, are now viewed as second class citizens. There are some who get by without Prime – many have left the urban areas; packed into busses in search of a rumored CostCo beyond the horizon. Other NPMs have made do by constructing homes from the discarded cardboard boxes. “I just want to feed and clothe my children” pleads Gloria Simmons, an NPM, whose family sits huddled around the light of an Amazon Fire knockoff, “But they tell me I’ll have to wait 7-10 business days.”

Prime Day, or “The Purge” as it’s now referred, allows for most the country’s resources to be bought up by The Membership; leaving few affordable options for those left in the dark. “The last thing we want is to cause more division in this country,” says Eternal-Father Bezos. “I would like to see a country of nothing but Prime members, and soon I think we’ll have just that. Very soon.”

This hint of further expansion has expedited the concerns of NPMs who fear they will never overthrow this new order. While there’s no tracking info available for whatever Amazon’s next move may be, one thing is certain – once they deliver, there will be no return.