Amazon Warehouse Employee ‘Does the Robot’ to Show He’s Still Valuable

man doing the robot dance in a warehouse

PHOENIX – As Amazon advances towards automation, employees are finding new and clever ways to stay competitive. Amazon’s HR department claims not to discriminate between man and machine. “We look for the best man or bot for the job, explained warehouse manager and automaton HR5600. “Employees, whatever their makeup, must meet our rigorous standards.”

Product picker, Manny Mansfield, is concerned that management will soon see him as an obsolete humanoid model. “Due to my flesh and blood design, I require lunch breaks and going home to sleep after 8 to 12 hours.”

To show he’s as effective as his mostly metal teammates, Manny has started “Doing the robot” on the warehouse floor. “I can pivot and swivel just as well as the MZ2000. Check out my tight turning radius,” said Manny has he rotated around and moved his limbs like levers.

According to manager HR5600, Manny has been making his quotas and adapting better than most veteran personal to the changing environment. “His upgrades were 100% successful. He is able to hold his charge for at least 4 hours. Further, my motion receptors indicate he is operating with optimal precision.”