Allies Give Trump False Map to NATO Beach House

View of a beach-front house at sunset.

BRUSSELS – According to several member reports, President Trump’s disastrous NATO summit appearance wasn’t all bad. While most acknowledged that he was even worse than reported, the beleaguered allies claimed that having a common enemy led to an unprecedented level of bonding and camaraderie.

These feelings were ultimately demonstrated by the elaborate operation to throw a post-summit bash at NATO’s posh Blankenberge beach house. The members’ intelligence operations concocted all kinds of disinformation to keep Trump in the dark, including a detailed false map that left the easily confounded Trump administration completely clueless.

The successful operation ensured that the allied nations partied to the break of dawn, which ended with everyone singing Bob Marley songs around the beach bonfire as surprise guest, Barry Obama played along on his guitar.

The Trump administration issued a statement claiming that idea that they couldn’t find their way to the NATO beach house was more “Fake News.” The statement ended claiming that the US delegation decided to head for the Black Sea because Putin’s beach house was much cooler.