Melania Plans to Combat Cyberbullying, Starting With her Husband

Melania Trump

PHILADELPHIA –Melania Trump apparently meant what she said about combatting cyberbullying, and she’s called somebody out for doing it.

Her original announcement about how “our culture has gotten too mean” was met with an uproar online, with many condemning her as a hypocrite. But Melania has been attending a cyberbullying workshop, and has finally spoken out about it.

“I attended the workshop because I wanted to stop the cruelty I see from kids who hide anonymously online,” Melania said. “But then I realized there was one big kid who wasn’t hiding at all. He’s been the biggest bully of all – and his name is…Donald!”

Melania’s words have generated new harsh criticism online, but also generous support. School organizations and women’s support groups from across the nation have praised her courage in standing up to her husband.

“We want her to know she’s not alone, and she shouldn’t feel guilty,” said Nancy Arlens of the National Organization for Women. “We also think she should file for divorce, but we know these things are best done one step at a time.”

Donald Trump has apologized in person, and in a tweet, saying “It was locker room talk, or something like that.”

Bullying has been on the rise since Trump got elected, and teachers have referred to this as the “Trump Effect.” Melania understands this and wants to stop it.

“I ask you to join me in standing up to this bully, and together we can stop his hurtful messages,” Melania went on to announce her next step: get Trump banned from Twitter.