America’s Got Talent to Adopt the Electoral College Voting System

Set of show America's Got Talent

LOS ANGELES – In light of the shocking results from the recent American election, producers of the popular reality television show America’s Got Talent are ditching the popular vote in favor of the electoral college to decide the season’s winner. Now instead of a simple vote count total, the winner will be decided by a total of 538 electors (chosen every four years on the first Monday in November) who will cast their ballots (on the second Wednesday in December) for the contestant who received the most votes in any given state (except in Maine and Nebraska, which use the congressional district method). Although they are expected to vote for the contestant that wins their state, Electors will not be required to honor their pledge.

As to why NBC made this drastic switch in the contest rules, show creator Simon Cowell replied, “This is our way of making sure that certain big cities don’t get all of the voting power. Sure, folks in Los Angeles might think Mat Franco’s got the magic touch to win, but middle America might prefer Emily West’s crooning Nashville sound. And under our old system, the mere fact that there’s more people in Los Angeles than in smaller districts, that means Mat Franco would win out. This is our way of making things more fair.”

“Unofficially, Cowell went on, twice in the past four Presidential elections the winner of the popular vote lost the general election, and each time the more entertaining candidate won out. Combined with the controversy this will stir up, we think it’s a winning formula for high ratings.” We believe Cowell meant to say “off the record” rather than “unofficially,” but officially the New Roman Times can still use his statement.