94% of Americans Find the Taste of Bacon Outweighs the Risk of Cancer

Bacon. Many strips of bacon.


ATLANTA – Bacon has been categorized by the World Health Organization as a Group 1 Carcinogen, putting it in the same cancer-causing group as smoking tobacco.

In a local survey, participants sat in a lecture hall to listen to a two hour presentation covering the scientifically proven harmful risks of consuming bacon, more specifically links made between bacon and cancer. At the front of the room was a plate full of bacon used throughout the presentation.

The presentation was led by Dr. Grinds who said, “Just look at bacon and it resembles an artery being clogged with fat.” The convincing arguments made by Dr. Grinds made many participants uncomfortable and at times a few had to leave the room.

At the conclusion of the presentation the doctor left the room and participants were free to leave.  What happened next was shocking. Hidden cameras spotted 94% of people taking a piece of bacon from the plate in front as they were leaving the room. Several people were seen taking two pieces claiming it was for a friend. The other 6% were believed to be vegetarian.